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Weight Loss Hypnosis Coach - David Knight

Fast and Easy Weight Loss Guaranteed!

6 Step - Weight Loss Hypnosis Coaching Program

Step 1 - Your Own Personal Coach

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Personal Hypnosis Coach

Your Personal Hypnosis Coach

A Personal Coach can simply cost you thousands of pounds and yet with this 60 day program you will get your coach for free.

David Knight is a World Class Master Hypnotist and Life Coach with over 30 years of experience and yet through the power of the Internet and Video Conferencing you can invite David Knight straight onto your computer or mobile device.

Step 2 - New and Exciting Hypnosis Audio

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The Hypnosis Mind Band 6 .MP3 Set

The Hypnosis Mind Band creates the illusion of a Gastric Band being fitted. This hypnosis weight loss program has received massive publicity recently with many people losing large amount of weight quickly and easily.

Lose Weight Fast with this Hypnosis Audio Download and Online Coaching Process

The mind is a powerful tool for creating your future and is easily influenced by the power of hypnotic suggestion. Hypnosis audio downloads are a fast and affordable way to help you make the changes that you desire.

The driving force behind your weight loss is your state of mind. A hypnosis audio program will keep you on track to help you do the things you know.

Having a real Gastric Band fitted can be a long, upsetting and expensive process leaving some people wishing they had never had it done.
Now through the power of hypnosis you can have an imaginary gastric band fitted!

This powerful Hypnosis Weight Loss Program will quickly help you reduce the amount of food that you eat by being aware of your feelings as you become full. Having an imaginary Gastric Band fitted means that you feel full faster! This Hypnosis Weight Loss system also helps you create a future image in your mind of the body that you want to have and the perfect health that you deserve.

The Hypnosis Gastric Band will help you to drink more water to hydrate your body and see food as a way to fuel your body perfectly. You will soon discover there is no food that tastes as good as the feeling of being slim.

“I downloaded the Gastric Band Hypnosis audio the same day I joined weight loss hypnosis program and I started listening to the hypnosis downloads that very same night. The quality of the program is simply first class. So easy to understand and so incredibly powerful. This has to be one of the easiest and most powerful ways to lose weight today. Like most people I have tried dieting all my life but at last I have found something that really works. I cannot thank you enough.” Mark

Step 3 - Free Personal Hypnosis Audio

People will tell you that they lose weight when their mind is in the right place. Hypnosis will give you the winning edge in the fight for weight loss, health and fitness. As part of this program David Knight can offer you up to 20 Free Hypnosis Weight Loss audio products to help you create the perfect state of mind.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis

These 20 audio programs are valued at £192 but are include free in this coaching program and will be available from your coach where necessary.

These hypnosis audio programs are complimentary to help you kick start your personal hypnosis weight loss sessions. Free hypnosis weight loss audio to support your weight loss and nutrition program. Hypnosis audio can help with weight loss, cravings, stress, sleep patterns, emotional eating, energy, addictions, health and exercise.
Your Hypnosis Coach will guide you through these extra audio programs.

“I am using your hypnosis mind band audio program and my weight is just falling off me. The added free range of hypnosis audio has helped me sleep better and break emotional eating. My personal coach always seems to have some hypnosis audio available to help me achieve my weight loss goals quickly and easily. My weight is down, my muscle is up, hydration is up and I have more energy than I have in years. I don’t know where to start to say thank you. You and your team are simply amazing! ” Lynda

Step 4 - Your Personal Nutrition Program

The Nutrition Program is a vital part of your success. Hypnosis alone will not help you lose weight or build your health. Hypnosis will give you the mindset to follow a firm nutrition program. We have the perfect nutrition program for fast and healthy weight loss whilst maintaining bone mass and muscle mass and feeding your body with the right macronutrients and micronutrients that your body needs for perfect health.

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Hypnosis Weight Loss Audio

Weight Loss is:
20% Exercise - 80% Nutrition - 100% Mind Set

“My coach is simply amazing! Not only do I get a Hypnosis Coach but I also get a Nutrition Coach to guide me. The hypnosis and nutrition program means I have all the tools I need for success. This complete wellness program is just perfect and I will highly recommend the system to everyone that I know. Keep up the great work because you have changed my life forever” Mark

Step 5 - Award Winning Support System

The Power of Support
Our support program will offer you the knowledge to understand the power of hypnosis and the importance of nutrition. Weight loss happens when the power of hypnosis drives the strength of nutrition. Our support is the glue thats holds the program together.

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Personal Weight Loss Coach

Zoom Conference Training
The power of the Internet gives us the ability to communicate easily anywhere in the world. Zoom is a Video Conferencing facility that allows us to connect face to face so that I can give you online coaching support. It's completely free and you can install the software to your computer or download the app to your smart phone or tablet.

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Weight Loss Conference

Face Book and Messenger
Your mobile phone gives you instant support from your Coach through Face Book Groups , Messenger and Personal Telephone calls.
David Knight will offer you motivational support and guidance through the full hypnosis program.

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Personal Weight Loss Support

“The support system is just so wonderful, it’s great to have so much access and support from Life Coaches, Doctors, Hypnotists and Nutritionalists. Thank you so much David, Viv and the entire team. The weekly support calls are just superb and it’s just wonderful to know there is a big team of professionals looking after my health. With all your support anyone can do this. In just 3 short months I am over 30b lighter. I feel amazing. Thank you. Paul

Step 6 - Monitoring Your Progress

Monitoring Your Progress
Weight loss is a serious matter and we will need to monitor your success with accuracy. Its not all about losing weight, it's about creating health through perfect nutrition. With your own personal weight and nutrition monitors we can ensure you are losing fat whist building bone and muscle.

Other weight loss organisations just focus on losing weight which can be really unhealthy. We will be looking at energy, health and wellbeing. I guarantee you will just love theses monitors!

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With Internet Coaching we recommend you purchase a personal weight and nutrition monitor.
The monitors will measure your Weight, Bone Mass, Muscle Mass, Hydration, Visceral Fat, Metabolic Rate and more.

These Monitors cost as little as £40 delivered worldwide.

Your Weight Loss Coach will ask you to monitor your success each week and send him the results.
This process just takes a couple of minutes each week.

“The weight loss monitors are simply amazing! I never knew such a thing existed. The monitors allow you to see exactly where you are losing your weight and show that you are losing fat and not losing muscle or bone mass. I just love them! What an incredible system. The weekly monitor system really holds me accountable. I know my coach will be contacting me every week and will want to know my weekly results. I never want to let my coach down as they work so hard to help me. Thank you so much.” Terry

Here’s what you get!

The Hypnotic Mind Band - 6 Hypnosis Downloads - Value £66
8 x 20 minute - Hypnosis Conference Calls - Value £288 (£36 Each)
Access to your own Hypnosis Coach - Priceless
Access to your own Nutritionalist - Priceless
20 Hypnosis Audio Programs - Value £192

The Weight Loss Hypnosis Process has a value well in excess of £546

Limited availability at the reduced price due to life coach availability

*Only 50 Places Available

Don't leave it until last minute to join the program join early and prepare yourself for the 30 days ahead.

39 Places available so secure your order now.

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Weight Loss Hypnosis Downloads

The Hypnosis Mind Band Download
+ Support System

Reduced Price Today £66

(Limited Availability Saving £480)

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Why The Low Price?

As a professional Hypnotist I have had a very fortunate career and now it's time for me to give a little back. The positions are limited as I only have so much free time available, but I want to help you change your life.

All with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

“I had to write to say a massive thank you for all your support and a health and nutrition program that is simply life changing. During 2016 I lost a massive 84lb of fat! My body fat percentage went down from 32.5 % to just 23%. I lost over 7.5 litres of Visceral Fat and my metabolic age went down from 57 to just 39 adding and estimated 18 years onto my life! My energy levels are high and I am fitter and healthier than I have been for a long time! I'm looking forwards to continuing the program into 2017 and aim to lose a further 42lb and tone my body up. This system is nothing less than life changing. See you all on the conference calls.” Darren

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